Saturday, June 19, 2010

(My) Hawaiian Girl

Check this out internet:

Give us YOUR 7 secrets-
#1: I'm terrified of not being strong enough. Like, legitimately. I’ve cried because of it in the not so distant past.

#2: I do not get why people our age (and older) are as into movies/books/TV shows/the like meant for CHILDREN- it actually really bugs me sometimes.
#3: Agreed.
#4: I'm not afraid of the dark so much as I am of generally being alone (lonely)- so I sleep with my iTunes going or with someone else.
#5: I love spoons. I hate eating off plates.
#6: That same someone has been one of the most influential (good/bad) in my life. Right now I'm trying to reconnect and make it good- they have their own battles to fight and I'd rather fight with her than against her- as I would anyone else. But I know what you're saying- about 9 months ago I threw myself away for her (if I'm thinking of the same person)
#7: I don't want to break free of my skin so much as reshape it- clean (clear) it up a bit (lot)

Rocky Racoon is my Favorite BEATLES Song

Four things- long things, interesting things. I really want to share with you. Read it maybe?

The subjects: Money, Indifference, Age and Make-Up. In the comments please feel free to offer your own stories, opinions or anything about this- what good is sharing if they don't share back right? Anyway- you could at least tell me your favorite Beatles song (and maybe why).

These are of course only teasers- journal entry style: please feel free to ask for the full story :)

MONEY: Today I got a letter from WWU saying that they were taking away all my financial aid. this school year has been a huge struggle for me between personal issues, money issues, legal issues, employment, housing, girl and academic issues- this culminated in my failing four classes over the course of the year and having to withdraw from three. And now- with the majority of this bullshit resolved- I am half a breath from losing the chance to make up for my fuck up. What do I do?

INDIFFERENCE: Last night a friend gave me a call, a friend I wanted to hear from very badly and was very excited to maybe see that night or sometime soon. I asked her if she wanted to hang out. She said she was indifferent and would call me when she was free. She fell asleep instead- this is fine, I just wonder if it might've been easier to understand if she had just SAID "no." Would you rather be hated or ignored?

AGE: The most haunting and sad image I have ever seen in my entire life came at me today: my old as old grandfather deep within the throws of Alzheimers and recovering from several strokes completely randomly and tragically singing the LOONEY TOONS's closing song ( I hadn't seen him in months nor will I likely see him again soon- living in Bellingham and having him housed in deepest darkest Puyallup makes that a challenge. Suffice it to say that all I could hear after that was him literally saying "Good Bye" to me in his own delusional, dysfunctional, haunting, gut-wrenching and cinematic way. How do you deal with that?

MAKE-UP: On a lighter note, at Fred Meyer's we (my parents and I) managed to pick the line with the really cute cashier at the end. Needless to say I was quietly happy with this- waiting in line to pay for groceries while appreciating a pretty girl. HOWEVER, her mascara had smeared on her right upper eylid so badly that it looked like someone had tried to draw a stick figure in make-up on her eyelid while she kept blinking. Not cute- but funny as hell.

Thoughts? Stories of your own?

Reasons to be happy? Today sucks- I'd like some of those please.

Cheers :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

It Begins

I'm writing a Blog right now- of course.

The point of this is to reach out to the world, to share my writing and to inspire my writing.

And generally to say "hi" and keep my summer (and your summer, with any luck) interesting.

That being said- I have a couple of questions for you. Soon I'll be posting some writing (short pieces, links to plays and the like) but I want to write about you.

The world (my world at least, thus far) is FILLED with brilliant and interesting people that make me very happy, fascinate me, challenge me, teach me, inspire me and move me and I want to get to know you and to have a chance to tell a story about you- use you for lack of a better term.

No- this is not some creepy piracy thing whereby I snipe your personal life and secrets and take credit for making this piece of art or that Academy Award winning film.

I just want you to share- to throw your words in the bucket.

I'll take the bucket- shake it around a bit and share the results.


You're all beautiful.

SO- a couple missions:

Comment (or email: me a secret, your favorite movie quote, your favorite lyric, a story about yourself, a picture of something you love, a poem that made you cry, a person that made you scream- ANYTHING! Throw it in anonymously if you'd like too- PostSecret sytle. People will read these (hopefully) and take it as their own inspiration too.

Say ANYTHING about ANYONE- just get it out.

That's what we need to do these days- share, talk. HONEST TALK- not filtered, designed and PR censured Facebook Statuses.

Say what you mean, please?

Awesome- "follow" me or just read some more as I post some writing, your responses and interesting things that happen to the world.

Love it.