Friday, June 18, 2010

It Begins

I'm writing a Blog right now- of course.

The point of this is to reach out to the world, to share my writing and to inspire my writing.

And generally to say "hi" and keep my summer (and your summer, with any luck) interesting.

That being said- I have a couple of questions for you. Soon I'll be posting some writing (short pieces, links to plays and the like) but I want to write about you.

The world (my world at least, thus far) is FILLED with brilliant and interesting people that make me very happy, fascinate me, challenge me, teach me, inspire me and move me and I want to get to know you and to have a chance to tell a story about you- use you for lack of a better term.

No- this is not some creepy piracy thing whereby I snipe your personal life and secrets and take credit for making this piece of art or that Academy Award winning film.

I just want you to share- to throw your words in the bucket.

I'll take the bucket- shake it around a bit and share the results.


You're all beautiful.

SO- a couple missions:

Comment (or email: me a secret, your favorite movie quote, your favorite lyric, a story about yourself, a picture of something you love, a poem that made you cry, a person that made you scream- ANYTHING! Throw it in anonymously if you'd like too- PostSecret sytle. People will read these (hopefully) and take it as their own inspiration too.

Say ANYTHING about ANYONE- just get it out.

That's what we need to do these days- share, talk. HONEST TALK- not filtered, designed and PR censured Facebook Statuses.

Say what you mean, please?

Awesome- "follow" me or just read some more as I post some writing, your responses and interesting things that happen to the world.

Love it.


  1. I'll tell you what I'll do. You, me and a bottle of wine. I'll give you everything I've got, but it'll take an evening.

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