Saturday, June 19, 2010

(My) Hawaiian Girl

Check this out internet:

Give us YOUR 7 secrets-
#1: I'm terrified of not being strong enough. Like, legitimately. I’ve cried because of it in the not so distant past.

#2: I do not get why people our age (and older) are as into movies/books/TV shows/the like meant for CHILDREN- it actually really bugs me sometimes.
#3: Agreed.
#4: I'm not afraid of the dark so much as I am of generally being alone (lonely)- so I sleep with my iTunes going or with someone else.
#5: I love spoons. I hate eating off plates.
#6: That same someone has been one of the most influential (good/bad) in my life. Right now I'm trying to reconnect and make it good- they have their own battles to fight and I'd rather fight with her than against her- as I would anyone else. But I know what you're saying- about 9 months ago I threw myself away for her (if I'm thinking of the same person)
#7: I don't want to break free of my skin so much as reshape it- clean (clear) it up a bit (lot)

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